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    When making a request, place the name of the title you wish to have addressed in the topic title. For your post, provide additional information where needed. If it's a new title to be added to the site, the IMDb page would be preferable, if one is not available then any other reference so we know the exact title in the event there is others under the same name. For updating existing titles on the site, provide what needs to be done and if it's a show, where the update is needed (season and episode) as this will help us address the request faster.

    Check to make sure someone else hasn't already made the same request as you. Duplicate requests means time wasted for the staff and takes us longer to sift through them all. If a request for what you are looking for is already available, check to see if it has been locked or recently replied to by a staff member. If the topic is locked then the request has been completed. Check the post left by the staff member to view the results.

    Any requests in the main section will be handled by whom ever is available to address it. If you would like for a particular staff member to tend to your request, post in their respective sub-section. This is to help prevent staff members from working on the same request as it is their personal drop box.
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